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EX, THE : Building A Broken Mousetrap

EX, THE : Building A Broken Mousetrap EX, THE
dvd: 14 €  (Sold out)
A live DVD / documentary on THE EX, filmed / directed by Jem Cohen, the same cat that did the AMAZING Fugazi-DVD Instrument.

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(Sold out)
3 €
Hey kiddies, you know what we did before the internet changed (ruined) the way people find out about music forever? We read Mutiny! (and a few other zines) to learn from cool bands like Zeni Geva, Sun City Girls, Jesus Lizard, Birthday Party etc. Finally after 10 long years of waiting, we've got a new issue, so BUY IT OR DIE!!!
(Sold out)
14 €
Intensive desert rock grooves riding on loud metal war machines, sinister harmonies laid upon beastly delay drone growls, the most primal motorik boogie rocking confronted by exstatic pagan percussion rustle.
(Sold out)
14 €
A collaboration album between Circle and Sunburned Hand Of The Man!
(Sold out)
8,50 €
Mike Watt solo in 2004 with a band consisting of Watt + an organ player and a drummer.
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