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EX, THE : Starters Alternators

EX, THE : Starters Alternators EX, THE
cd: 16 €  (Sold out)
25 years under their belts and these dutch art-rockers are still going strong. This is their Steve Albini-recorded 1998 record that at least in my humble opinion sums up everything that is so brilliant about The Ex. It twists! It turns! It howls! It moans! It rocks! It rocks! It rocks! I'd also like to further emphasize the point that it rocks!

1. "Frenzy" - 5:02
2. "Let's Panic Later" - 5:45
3. "I.O.U. (Nought)" - 5:02
4. "Art of Losing" - 5:29
5. "It's a Sin" - 4:23
6. "Two Struck by the Moon" - 3:44
7. "Mother" - 4:02
8. "Bee Coz" - 4:48
9. "Lump Sum Insomnia" - 6:27
10. "Wildebeest" - 4:20
11. "Nem Úgy Van Most" - 4:22

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