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EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY : How Strange Innocence

cd: 15 €  (Sold out)
Containing the very first transmissions from Explosions In The Sky to the world, the songs on How Strange Innocence were freshly written, painstakingly rehearsed, and anxiously put to tape during a whirlwind two-day recording session in January 2000 with Stephen T. Hall (Sixteen Deluxe) at The Bubble in Austin, TX. But the group evolved quickly, and recorded what would be their breakthrough, the stunning Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, less than one year later. How Strange Innocence was pushed aside in favor of the more accomplished Those Who Tell The Truth as the band's introduction to the rest of the world, seeing no official release beyond 300 CDRs the band produced to sell on the road. Original CDRs fetch over $200 on eBay, the scarce tour-only vinyl version nearing $500! This phenomenon was disconcerting to the band and their fans who weren't making crazy scratch from selling said records on said eBay. That said, words fail to describe how proud we are to finally release this official How Strange Innocence reissue, beautifully remastered with gorgeous new artwork.

1. A Song for Our Fathers (5:42)
2. Snow and Lights (8:17)
3. Magic Hours (8:29)
4. Look Into the Air (5:30)
5. Glittering Blackness (5:27)
6. Time Stops (9:50)
7. Remember Me as a Time of Day (5:16)
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