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EYE FOR AN EYE : Dystans

lp: 9,50 €  (Sold out)
Polish punk/hardcore.

Maximumrock'n'roll: "Fantastic LP from the one of the best new Polish bands. If you dig the femme-fronted punk vibe of POST REGIMENT but fancy something a little bit harder, then EYE FOR AN EYE will be right up your alley. As with POST REGIMENT the lyrics are all in Polish which gives them real individuality in the sea of US-inspired mediocrity. This fucking rules! (TB)"

Slug & Lettuce #85: "If POST REGIMENT started to play Oi! and NYHC, they would sound like this. Super catchy, with some of the best vocals since their aforementioned countrymates, EYE FOR AN EYE blaze through 16 songs, and even thought they are pummeling when they do slow down, they don't seem to want to waste their time; there are songsfilled with rocking hoods and sing along choruses to get to, and every song is full of both. This might be a little bit slick for some, and easily see EFAE appealing to a larger crowd, possibly made up of the kind of meatheads I do not want to hang out with, but good music is good music, and Anna's vocals quickly erase any doubts I might have had. Wll worth the international postage (-Robert)"

01. Otwórz drzwi
02. Warriors
03. Krzyczymy
04. Klatka
05. Konflikt
06. W tlumie
07. Smiech
08. Dzuma
09. Why not?
10. Dojrzalosc (?)
11. Silikonowy swiat
12. W igle (heroina)
13. Kryminal
14. Budzik
15. Wiemy (bonus)
16. S.I.K. (bonus)
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