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FALL : Dragnet 2xlp

Label: Earmark
FALL : Dragnet 2xlp FALL
lp: 12 €  (Sold out)
The Fall's 2nd album from 1979!
Contains second lp of bonus stuff!

Released: 1979
Side one
1. "Psykick Dance Hall" 3:51
2. "A Figure Walks" 6:13
3. "Printhead" 3:18
4. "Dice Man" 1:47
5. "Before the Moon Falls" 4:35
6. "Your Heart Out" 3:08

Side two
1. "Muzorewi's Daughter" 3:45
2. "Flat of Angles" 4:58
3. "Choc-Stock" 2:40
4. "Spectre Vs Rector" 7:58
5. "Put Away" 3:26

+ an entire lp of bonus stuff from the same era!

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"Grotesque (After the Gramme) is a 1980 album by The Fall. It was critically received as a marked improvement over its predecessors both sonically and musically, and is cited as the band's first great album."

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