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FALL : Room To Live

Label: Earmark
FALL : Room To Live FALL
lp: 14 €  (Sold out)
The Fall's sixth studio album from 1982! Special 2lp version!

Released: 27.9.1982
Side A
1. "Joker Hysterical Face" 4:51
2. "Marquis Cha-Cha" 4:34
3. "Hard Life in Country" 6:16
4. "Room to Live" 4:16

Side B
1. "Detective Instinct" 5:45
2. "Solicitor in Studio" 5:24
3. "Papal Visit" 5:40

Side C
1. Joker Hysterical Face (live in Bury April 1982)
2. Medley: Town Called Crappy / Solicitor In Studio (live in London March 1982)
3. Hard Life In Country (live in Wellington, New Zealand, August 1982)

Side D
1. Detective Instinct (live in Manchester December 1982)
2. Room To Live (live in Rotterdam February 1983)
3. Words Of Expectation (live in Toronto April 1983)

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