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FLAMING LIPS : Transmissions From the Satellite Heart

Label: Warner
FLAMING LIPS : Transmissions From the Satellite Heart FLAMING LIPS
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
The Flaming Lips' commercial breakthrough, mainly due to the hit track She Don't Use Jelly, as seen on Beverly Hills 90210!

Released: 22.6.1993
1. Turn It On (4:39)
2. Pilot Can at the Queer of God (4:16)
3. Oh, My Pregnant Head (4:06)
4. She Don't Use Jelly (3:40)
5. Chewin the Apple of Your Eye (3:52)
6. Superhumans (3:13)
7. Be My Head (3:15)
8. Moth in the Incubator (4:12)
9. Plastic Jesus (2:18)
10. When Yer Twenty Two (3:34)
11. Slow Nerve Action (5:55)

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