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Label: ugExplode
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
"The eleventh full-length Flying Luttenbachers release! 74 minutes of all new studio recordings. Picking up roughly where Retrospektiw III off, this CD includes 11 previously unreleased studio and live tracks as well as 5 rare and remastered compilation cuts by both the Revenge band and the Colligan/Johnson/Lonberg-Holm/Walter free music cabal. Special guest appearances by Azita (The Scissor Girls), Adris Hoyos (Harry Pussy) and Julie Pomerleau (Bobby Conn). The color fold out booklet comes jam-packed with color photos and extensive liner notes by Weasel Walter. This disc was released by ugEXPLODE in cooperation with The Mountain Collective for Independent Artists."

1. High Fidelity Improvisation (1:05)
2. You Oughta Know (2:17)
3. Hand in My Pocket (3:20)
4. No Transistor (3:38)
5. Demonic Velocities (3:44)
6. Into the Vastness of Stupidity (6:04)
7. Night of the Leeches (3:40)
8. Number Two (3:28)
9. Spasms (3:14)
10. The Shriek Continues (2:30)
11. The Importance of Discomfort (6:36)
12. Dance of the Lonely Hyenas (6:55)
13. Utz - the Sound of Shame (7:24)
14. Agony (4:36)
15. The Fishook and the Eyeball (8:27)
16. Last Blast Before the Root Canal (5:29)

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