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Label: Birdman
cd: 18 €  (Sold out)
Vein is a remix album by Foetus released by Ectopic Ents/Birdman Records in 2007. It contains remixes of songs from the studio album Love, including a b-side from the (not adam) EP.

Released: 16.10.2007
1. Pareidolia (remix by Fennesz) (4:54)
2. How to Vibrate (remix by Mike Patton) (4:16)
3. Mon Agonie Douce (remix by J.G. Thirlwell) (6:15)
4. L'Overture (remix by Jay Wasco) (3:57)
5. Don't Want Me Anymore (remix Bytujiko Noriko) (5:00)
6. Not Adam (remix by Jason Forrest) (4:04)
7. Thrush (remix by TRZTN) (4:29)
8. Aladdin Reverse (remix Bytweaker) (6:22)
9. Not in Yr Hands (remix by Matmos) (4:46)
10. Corrodia Gravis (remix by Tom Recchion) (6:16)

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