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FOUR TET : Remixes

Label: Domino
cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
A 2cd compilation of remixes of Four Tet tracks / tracks remixed by Four Tet.

Disc One (Remixes)
1. "Tics" (Lars Horntveth)
2. "Skttrbrain" (Radiohead)
3. "Money Folder" (Madvillain)
4. "One Year" (His Name Is Alive)
5. "Breathe Me" (Sia)
6. "Untitled" (Aphex Twin)
7. "Great Day "(Madvillain)
8. "Pick Up" (Bonobo)
9. "Roads Become Rivers" (Rothko)
10. "Carmella" (Beth Orton)
11. "So Here We Are" (Bloc Party)
12. "Heim" (Pole)

Disc Two (Remixed)
1. "A Joy (Percee P version)"
2. "As Serious as Your Life (Jay Dee remix)"
3. "Hilarious Movie of the '90s (Manitoba remix)"
4. "Hilarious Movie of the '90s (Koushik's funny flic)"
5. "A Joy (remix)"
6. "My Angel Rocks back and Forth (Icarus remix)"
7. "A Joy (Battles remix)"
8. "As Serious as Your Life (remix)"
9. "A Joy (featuring Percee P) (Koushik's quick mix)"
10. "Sun Drums and Soil (Sa-Ra Creative Partner remix)"
11. "First Thing/Chia (Isambard Khroustaliov remix)"
12. "No More Mosquitoes (Boom Bip remix)"

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