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FROM ASHES RISE : Nightmares

Label: Jade Tree
cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Three full lengths into their career, Portland via Tennessee subversives from ashes rise unleash their most harrowing dissention among a barrage of devastating and seditious musical ferocity.

Released: 2003-10-14
1. Reaction (3:14)
2. Hell in the Darkness (1:35)
3. They (1:13)
4. The Final Goodbye (4:11)
5. On the Fray (3:05)
6. Nightmares (2:00)
7. Noise (2:03)
8. The Inner Beast (3:13)
9. Black Granite (1:50)
10. The Mandate (2:49)
11. Bloodlust (2:15)
12. In a Free Land (3:01)
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