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FUGAZI : 13 Songs

Label: Dischord
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
No introduction needed. Fugazi's innovative and hyper-original melting pot of different styles cooked with a heavy dose of integrity is above any comparisons. This is the real thing, buddy.

Released: 09/1989
1. Waiting Room (2:54)
2. Bulldog Front (2:53)
3. Bad Mouth (2:36)
4. Burning (2:39)
5. Give Me the Cure (2:59)
6. Suggestion (4:44)
7. Glue Man (4:21)
8. Margin Walker (2:30)
9. And the Same (3:27)
10. Burning Too (2:41)
11. Provisional (2:17)
12. Lockdown (2:10)
13. Promises (4:01)

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