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FUGAZI : Argument

Label: Dischord
lp: 12,50 €  (Sold out)
Fugazi's seventh album is definitely their best record since "In on the killtaker". While "The Argument" has some interesting experimental moments Fugazi does not get lost in the art and with this record produce a very powerful record that most fans of Fugazi will love.

Released: 16.10.2001
1. [untitled] (0:52)
2. Cashout (4:24)
3. Full Disclosure (3:53)
4. Epic Problem (3:59)
5. Life and Limb (3:09)
6. The Kill (5:27)
7. Strangelight (5:53)
8. Oh (4:29)
9. Ex-Spectator (4:18)
10. Nightshop (4:02)
11. Argument (4:27)

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