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FUGAZI : In On the Kill Taker

Label: Dischord
FUGAZI : In On the Kill Taker FUGAZI
lp: 12,50 €  (Sold out)
Fugazi's 3rd long play from 1993.

Released: 05/1993
1. "Facet Squared" 2:42
2. "Public Witness Program" 2:04
3. "Returning the Screw" 3:13
4. "Smallpox Champion" 4:01
5. "Rend It" 3:48
6. "23 Beats Off" 6:41
7. "Sweet and Low" 3:36
8. "Cassavetes" 2:30
9. "Great Cop" 1:52
10. "Walken's Syndrome" 3:18
11. "Instrument" 3:43
12. "Last Chance for a Slow Dance" 4:38

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(Sold out)
12,50 €
Fugazi's seventh album is definitely their best record since "In on the killtaker". While "The Argument" has some interesting experimental moments Fugazi does not get lost in the art and with this record produce a very powerful record that most fans of Fugazi will love.
(Sold out)
4 €
Finland's #1 thrashcore outfit are back with an album that will blow the previous three straight off the map with deadly sounds crafted by Antti Malinen from Down My Throat and superb songs that surpass all their previous work by miles. Still, no posing, no time for weak shit...
(Sold out)
12 €
Steve Albini (Big Black / Shellac) with the rhythm section of Scratch Acid! What more could you seriously want?! Disturbing, in your face and lethal.
(Sold out)
5 €
Yep it's classic Shellac from 1993
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