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FUGAZI : Instrument

Label: Dischord
FUGAZI : Instrument FUGAZI
lp: 8 €  (Sold out)
The soundtrack to Fugazi's DVD Instrument (which is a MUST-see for any indie-kiddie everywhere!!!) - features demos, instrumentals and all sorts of really cool stuff that remind you of just by how far Fugazi is the greatest band ever.

Released: 27.4.1999
1. Pink Frosty (demo) (3:47)
2. Lusty Scripps (3:42)
3. Arpeggiator (demo) (2:54)
4. Afterthought (1:28)
5. Trio's (2:15)
6. Turkish Disco (2:34)
7. Me and Thumbelina (0:45)
8. Floating Boy (demo) (3:34)
9. Link Track (1:26)
10. Little Debbie (1:49)
11. H.B. (1:19)
12. I'm So Tired (1:58)
13. Rend It (demo) (3:32)
14. Closed Captioned (demo) (5:50)
15. Guilford Fall (demo) (3:29)
16. Swingset (1:37)
17. Shaken All Over (0:58)
18. Slo Crostic (2:40)

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