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FUGAZI : Red Medicine

Label: Dischord
FUGAZI : Red Medicine FUGAZI
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
"Red Medicine" was recorded in January of 1995. This album saw fugazi take a new direction in terms of musical sound. Many fans consider this record to possess a heavy beatles influence compared to previous releases.

Released: 12.6.1995
1. Do You Like Me (3:16)
2. Bed for the Scraping (2:50)
3. Latest Disgrace (3:34)
4. Birthday Pony (3:08)
5. Forensic Scene (3:05)
6. Combination Lock (3:06)
7. Fell, Destroyed (3:46)
8. By You (5:11)
9. Version (3:20)
10. Target (3:32)
11. Back to Base (1:45)
12. Downed City (2:53)
13. Long Distance Runner (4:15)

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