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GANG GANG DANCE : Saint Dymphna

Label: Warp
lp: 16,50 €  (Sold out)
Tribal no-wave from Brooklyn

Released: 20.10.2008
1. "Bebey" - 4:53
2. "First Communion" - 3:05
3. "Blue Nile" - 3:10
4. "Vacuum" - 4:13
5. "Princes (Featuring Tinchy Stryder)" - 4:26
6. "Inners Pace" - 4:16
7. "Afoot" - 3:25
8. "House Jam" - 4:45
9. "Interlude (No Known Home)" - 1:16
10. "Desert Storm" - 5:10
11. "Dust" - 5:30

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