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GANG OF FOUR : Entertainment 180g

GANG OF FOUR : Entertainment 180g GANG OF FOUR
lp: 19,50 €  (Sold out)
One of the main influences of all the post-post-punk of the 21st century. A MUST-HAVE classic on 180-gram vinyl.

Released: 1979
1. "Ether" 3:52
2. "Natural's Not in It" 3:09
3. "Not Great Men" 3:08
4. "Damaged Goods" 3:29
5. "Return the Gift" 3:08
6. "Guns Before Butter" 3:49
7. "I Found That Essence Rare" 3:09
8. "Glass" 2:32
9. "Contract" 2:42
10. "At Home He's a Tourist" 3:33
11. "5.45" 3:48
12. "Anthrax" 4:23

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