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GERMS : GI 180g

lp: 19,50 €  (Sold out)
A punkrock classic that brings together manic drug-fueled madness and top-notch songwriting. Recommended for EVERYBODY!!! On 180-gram vinyl!

Released: 1979
Side A
1. "What We Do is Secret"
2. "Communist Eyes"
3. "Land of Treason"
4. "Richie Dagger's Crime"
5. "Strange Notes"
6. "American Leather"
7. "Lexicon Devil"
8. "Manimal"
9. "Our Way"
10. "We Must Bleed"

Side B
1. "Media Blitz"
2. "The Other Newest One"
3. "Let's Pretend"
4. "Dragon Lady"
5. "The Slave"
6. "Shut Down (Annihilation Man)"
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