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GIANT ROBOT : Domesticity

Label: Stupido
cd: 9,50 €  (Sold out)
Not the best record by these urban internationals, but then again pretty much anything by them is at least as good as anyone else's stuff.

Released: 2004
1. Get Up (feat. Hosni) (3:52)
2. Public=Shopping (4:15)
3. Best Match (4:17)
4. Boys & Girls (feat. Jo Hope) (3:59)
5. What to Do (feat. Hosni) (3:04)
6. Breaking Bones (4:45)
7. Domestic Scene (2:52)
8. Cheap Hotel (feat. Jonna Tervomaa) (3:47)
9. Death by Water (3:38)
10. Comfort (5:19)
11. First Snow (3:34)
12. Please Be Here (5:14)
13. Last Snow (6:58)

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