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GIANT ROBOT : Home Entertainment

Label: Stupido
GIANT ROBOT : Home Entertainment GIANT ROBOT
12": 8,50 €  (Sold out)
A Giant Robot ep from between Superweekend and Domesticity. Mostly remixes.

Released: 2004
1. Get Up (DJ Slow RMX)
2. Get Up (Blockbuster Mix by Forss)
3. Death By Water (Ercola Remix)
4. Get Up

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The last record released by Johnny Cash while he was alive. Contains amazing original songs and some carefully crafted cover-versions of contemporary stuff like the heartstopping rendition of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt.
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A rare Giant Robot remix 12" from the Superweekend-era. Comes in a black discosleeve.
Features some really cool exclusive remixes. Especially Mr. Velcro Fastener's version of Precast Empire is super-HOT!
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Bad-assed synth instrumentals for amis-dudes with bad mullets and bad attitudes.
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Sweet electro from Finland! Everything from Múm-like minimalism to Pet Shop Boys -esque floor-fillers!
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