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GO! TEAM : Proof of Youth

GO! TEAM : Proof of Youth GO! TEAM
cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
The second album by the UK's peppiest group. Filled with playful indie-rock, pseudo-Rn'B and all sorts of wackiness.

Released: 10.9.2007
1. Grip Like A Vice 4:01
2. Doing It Right 3:23
3. My World 2:08
4. Titanic Vandalism 3:50
5. Fake ID 3:25
6. Universal Speech 2:34
7. Keys To The City 3:09
8. The Wrath Of Marcie 3:23
9. I Never Needed It Now So Much 3:26
10. Flashlight Fight 2:50
11. Patricia?s Moving Picture 4:14
12. A Version Of Myself 2:40
13. Bull In The Heather 3:06
14. Willow?s Song 4:26
15. Milk Crisis 5:16

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