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lp: 16 €  (Sold out)
"Almost 64 minutes for just 3 experimental rock songs. Maybe songs isn't the right word: compositions might be better. Each composition on F# A# (Infinity) is at least 14 minutes long, consisting of a number of sections which are gently woven into each other. The arrangements move slowly, building from peaceful but dark musical landscapes to breathtaking and powerful pieces of music.

The nine band members from Montreal, Canada, play guitar, drums, bass, strings, keyboard, marimbas and woodwinds. Godspeed You Black Emperor! (a.k.a. Gybe!) compositions are fully instrumental but they use some voice-overs. Gybe! Might be compared with bands like Mogwai and Tortoise.

This first full-length album was initially a limited release of 550 LPs, but was released in 1996 onto CD as well. The three compositions: "Dead Flag Blues", "East Hastings" and "Providence" all deserve and need patience and intensive listening. Some pieces take you through five minutes of unconsciousness. Five minutes with the same structure, but details which makes your flesh creep. Then noisy but structured parts disturb the peace. But not for long. As easy as the noise came, it disappears again into nice floating music. F# A# (Infinity) is an album for the late hours. Lights down, glass of whiskey in your right hand, something to squeeze into your left hand, feet up and eyes closed..."

Released: 1997
1. The Dead Flag Blues (16:27): (i) The Dead Flag Blues (Intro); (ii) Slow Moving Trains/The Cowboy; (iii) (Outro)
2. East Hastings (17:58): (i) "...Nothing’s Alrite In Our Life..."/Dead Flag Blues (Reprise); (ii) The Sad Mafioso; (iii) Drugs In Tokyo/Black Helicopter
3. Providence (29:04): (i) Divorce & Fever; (ii) Dead Metheny; (iii) Kicking Horse On Broken Hill; (iv) String Loop Manufactured/During Downpour

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This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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