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cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Wild-assed gypsy punk!

Released: 9.8.2005
1. Sally (3:02)
2. I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again (3:46)
3. Not a Crime (4:31)
4. Immigrant Punk (3:45)
5. 60 Revolutions (2:58)
6. Avenue B (3:07)
7. Dogs Were Barking (4:53)
8. Oh No (2:59)
9. Start Wearing Purple (3:42)
10. Think Locally Fuck Globally (4:23)
11. Underdog World Strike (5:24)
12. Illumination (3:52)
13. Santa Marinella (5:28)
14. Undestructable (4:53)
15. Mishto! (6:50)

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