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GORILLA BISCUITS : Gorilla Biscuits

Label: Revelation
cds/cdep: 10,50 €  (Sold out)
The Gorilla Biscuits' first release + bonus tracks

Released: 1988
1. "High Hopes" 2:25
2. "Big Mouth" 2:00
3. "No Reason Why" 1:53
4. "GM2" 0:21
5. "Hold Your Ground" 2:02
6. "Breaking Free" 1:13
7. "Finish What You Started" 1:41
8. "Sitting Around At Home" 1:43
9. "Biscuit Power" 1:24
10. "Short End Of The Stick" 1:32
11. "Hold Your Ground" (Different lyrics) 2:04
12. "GM2 1" 1:13
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