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GREIPPI : Hankkiudun eroon tapeteista

GREIPPI : Hankkiudun eroon tapeteista GREIPPI
cdr: 5 €  (Sold out)
New generation of Finnish weirdo electronica.

"This is described as "the new generation of Finnish electronica" and it's hard to argue with that when you find that the auteur here is, apparently, 11 years old! There's a great spirit of fun about this record - lots of old synth sounds, the sort you'd hear from tele-tennis games and Casios - and short loop vocal samples that have a slightly hypnotic quality about them." JC, Boa Melody Bar

1. intro (1:00)
2. kaikki kaikesta (6:13)
3. professori hullun labrassa (3:13)
4. hankkiudun eroon tapeteista (5:20)
5. poiju aktivoi palikan (9:01)
6. hautamajuri (1:56)
7. wertyk kytrew (3:12)

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