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GRINDERMAN : Grinderman

Label: Anti-
lp: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Grinderman are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Jim Sclavunos. They're old, they've been playing all pretty and nice for a while and they needed to R-O-C-K. That they did.

Maybe not as insane as back in the Birthday Party days, but these cats can still throw it down.

Released: 01/2007
1. Get It On (3:06)
2. No Pussy Blues (4:24)
3. Electric Alice / Grinderman (7:52)
4. Chain of Flowers (3:27)
5. Don't Set Me Free (4:08)
6. Decoration Day (3:23)
7. Love Bomb (4:29)
8. Honey Bee (3:47)
9. Man on the Moon (2:17)
10. Go Tell the Women (3:30)
11. Vortex (4:02)
12. Rise (4:33)
13. Get It On (new vocal) (3:07)

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