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HARVEY, PJ : White Chalk

Label: Island
cd: 10,50 €  (Sold out)
The eight album by the one and only PJ Harvey.

"For this album Harvey has moved away from alternative rock and recorded a set of songs for piano, despite her lack of expertise on the instrument. In an interview in The Wire she explained "the great thing about learning a new instrument from scratch is that it...liberates your imagination."

As well as this, she sings in a higher register than usual, at a pitch outside her normal range.

Lyrically, however, Harvey has stuck to the dark, moody themes typical of much of her music."

Released: 24.9.2007
1. The Devil (2:58)
2. Dear Darkness (3:10)
3. Grow Grow Grow (3:23)
4. When Under Ether (2:26)
5. White Chalk (3:13)
6. Broken Harp (1:59)
7. Silence (3:11)
8. To Talk to You (4:01)
9. The Piano (2:37)
10. Before Departure (3:49)
11. The Mountain (3:11)

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