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HAUNTED, THE : One Kill Wonder

Label: Earache
cd: 11 €  (Sold out)
Brutal Swedish death metal / metalcore.

Released: 25.2.2003
1. "Privation of Faith Inc. (Intro)" 1:51
2. "Godpuppet" 1:59
3. "Shadow World" 3:40
4. "Everlasting" 3:08
5. "D.O.A." 4:21
6. "Demon Eyes" 4:38
7. "Urban Predator" 3:14
8. "Downward Spiral" 4:21
9. "Shithead" 3:52
10. "Bloodletting" 4:08 (Features Michael Amott of Arch Enemy)
11. "One Kill Wonder" 2:59
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Note: the remaining copies are just the 7" without the gift wrapping and the signed card of the original issue!

This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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