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Label: If Society
lp: 7 €  (Sold out)
5th longplay of these middle-aging Helsinki hardcoresters. Crazier than Crazy Frog, faster than lightning, eviler than Venom times three and more. 16 tracks of pure fu--ing science fiction punk slaughter that's really hard to describe and stuff. You'd love it.

Oh yeah, the LP comes with a free cd (that has the same album, see) PLUS download code that gives you the album (again) AND a live show recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2009. If you want vinyl you get the cd, too, and if you want the cd you get a free vinyl.. That's some complicated customer service.
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(Sold out)
4 €
Finland's #1 thrashcore outfit are back with an album that will blow the previous three straight off the map with deadly sounds crafted by Antti Malinen from Down My Throat and superb songs that surpass all their previous work by miles. Still, no posing, no time for weak shit...
7 €
The sixth long play by this uncompromising Finnish hardcore unit.
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Brand new 5-track ep from this never slowing hardcore machine. Out on March 28!
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The 13th album by Radiopuhelimet! Release date 20 September 2013.

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