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HILL, ZACH : Astrological Straits 2xlp

Label: Anticon
HILL, ZACH : Astrological Straits 2xlp HILL, ZACH
lp: 24,5 €  (Sold out)
Really cool spastic and experimental stuff. Kinda like a more electronic Deep Turtle.

Released: 12.08.2008
1. Iambic Strays (5:15)
2. Toll Road (4:45)
3. Street People (1:52)
4. Dark Art (4:20)
5. Keep Calm and Carry On (5:51)
6. Hindsight Is Nowhere (4:02)
7. Ummer (1:59)
8. Stoic Logic (3:09)
9. Uhuru (8:46)
10. Momentum (4:18)
11. Unseen Forces (3:13)
12. Tick On (3:08)
13. Astrological Straits (8:57)

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