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HOWLIN' MAGIC : The Dreaming

cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
"Fascinating psychedelic noisy blues by Jesse Rakusin from Santa Cruz, USA. This is what you have been waiting for if you have been waiting for the sound of shit being beaten out of a drumkit. Also in the mix: delicate keyboard studies about freedom, warped guitar melodies, solar-powered chord slamming and fuzzed out blues solo-madness. Comparable to Blue Cheer. Includes the hit 'Mac and Bloo'."
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4,50 €
The Cakekitchen are a New Zealand indie legend. They present "Honeypod in My Head", catchy indie-pop stuff with piano.

Dairy High are from Moscow. "Evil Lullaby" is a good dream-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock/whatever song.
(Sold out)
5 €
Jad Fair is that dude from Half Japanese, you know him. Here's his current stuff, it's weird.

On the back is the new hit by Moscow's Dairy High - "Love, Speed, Death". It's romantic, sweet and cool.
(Sold out)
5 €
One of Finland's most underrated indie rock bands The Protestants team up with Lockman's CBGBs -scene type tunes.
(Sold out)
9 €
A project of Farangs-dudes Janne Haavisto and Chris Cote. VERY eccentric (yet SUPERCOOL!) mix of far-eastern sounds mixed with blues and cinematics.
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