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HÜSKER DÜ : New Day Rising

Label: SST
lp: 13,50 €  (Sold out)
Powerpop with amazing songs, played at dangerous speeds, that make it punk.

Released: 01/1985
1 New Day Rising 2:34
2 Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill 3:06
3 I Apologize 3:37
4 Folk Lore 1:36
5 If I Told You 2:08
6 Celebrated Summer 4:02
7 Perfect Example 3:17
8 Terms of Psychic Warfare 2:19
9 59 Times the Pain 3:15
10 Powerline 2:24
11 Books About UFOs 2:49
12 I Don't Know What You're Talking About 2:23
13 How To Skin a Cat 1:52
14 Whatcha Drinkin' 1:33
15 Plans I Make 4:22
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The nucleus of all hard music to come.
180-gram vinyl!
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