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cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
"Alien musical transmissions intercepted using an old victrola and played back by some crazy old man, sitting on his porch, armed with just an acoustic guitar, a pile of busted old wax cylinders, and a huge bank of broken and rusty effects pedals... So goddamn great!" - Aquarius Records
"...his impassioned mantras of faith and devotion from behind the crackled veil of a prewar blues 78. But as Ignatz II again demonstrates, Devens has proven regularly able to re-interpret these borrowed texts in his own singular fashion, his handmade bricks again gloriously shaped, baked, and thrown." - Matthew Murphy, PITCHFORK

The debut of Ignatz is still fresh in your memory, and he's already there with the follow up. On Ignatz II, he continues his road through the Appalachians in the year 2050. Stunning rootsfolk, but played by a lost and unworldly creature. 'II' still has that familiar Ignatz sound we love so much, with the difference that on one of the six tracks he doesn't use any effects. He even mumbles more clearly and explores his own musical world more thoroughly. If Lou Reed would have fertilized Cthulhu in 1966, he would now have had a grandchild called Ignatz. The often misplaced words "new" and "weird" can finally be used without any doubt. II is the affirmation of Ignatz' great talent. Future weird Belgium!!

Released: 01.01.2007
1. He Deals With Love & Her Eyes Glaze
2. I Was Not There
3. The Dreams
4. Silver Moon... Shine Sun! Sun! Sun!
5. Hurling Incense
6. She Will Freeze
7. All Your Love

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