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IRON & WINE : Shepherd's Dog

Label: Sub Pop
IRON & WINE : Shepherd's Dog IRON & WINE
lp: 7 €  (Sold out)
The Shepherd's Dog is the third full-length studio album by Iron & Wine. Alt. country / folk rock.

Released: 25.9.2007
1. Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car 4:32
2. White Tooth Man 3:56
3. Lovesong of the Buzzard 4:26
4. Carousel 4:02
5. House By The Sea 4:21
6. Innocent Bones 3:42
7. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog) 4:57
8. Resurrection Fern 4:49
9. Boy With A Coin 4:05
10. The Devil Never Sleeps 2:06
11. Peace Beneath The City 4:45
12. Flightless Bird, American Mouth 4:02

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