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IRON & WINE : The Creek Drank The Cradle

Label: Sub Pop
IRON & WINE : The Creek Drank The Cradle IRON & WINE
cd: 10,00 €  (Sold out)
Singer/songwriter folk.

Released: 09/2002
1. Lion's Mane (2:49)
2. Bird Stealing Bread (4:21)
3. Faded from the Winter (3:17)
4. Promising Light (2:49)
5. The Rooster Moans (3:24)
6. Upward Over the Mountain (5:56)
7. Southern Anthem (3:54)
8. An Angry Blade (3:48)
9. Weary Memory (4:01)
10. Promise What You Will (2:24)
11. Muddy Hymnal (2:43)

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