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IT?V?YL? : Itäväylä

Label: Rikos
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lp: 10 €  (Sold out)
Hyper-excessively testosterone-fueled four-geetaar boogie hardcockrock electro assault. The band every boy wants to play in. We're all 110% for equal rights and against all kinds of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender or whatnot, but this stuff is seriously BOYS ONLY! This is what Rob Halford would've secretly wanted Judas Priest to sound like back in his closet-days.

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(Sold out)
(Sub Pop
11 €
No-waving punk meets disco stuff that pre-dates the fancy-schmancy production values of the megahit 'Echoes'. Seriously groovy and fucking amazing! The first song (the title track) on this mini-lp is a dance floor filler unlike few others, so it gets a definite three thumbs up!
(Sold out)
14,50 €
Leevi & the Leavings meets Kari Peitsamo with the wrong medications.
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