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JAY REATARD : Singles '06-'07 2xlp

Label: In the Red
JAY REATARD : Singles '06-'07 2xlp JAY REATARD
lp: 20 €  (Sold out)
Jay Reatard's ep's from 2006 and 2007 compiled on one double vinyl!

1 Night Of Broken Glass
2 Another Person
3 All Over Again
4 Feeling Blank Again
5 I Know A Place
6 Don't Let Him Come Back
7 Hammer I Miss You
8 It's So Useless
9 All Wasted
10 In The Dark
11 Searching For You
12 Haunting You
13 Let It All Go
14 Blood Visions
15 Turning Blue
16 It's So Easy
17 Oh It's Such A Shame
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