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JEL : Soft Money

Label: Anticon
JEL : Soft Money
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cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
The head architect of anticon's aural acropolis at long last offers his album-length debut, “Soft Money”. On 2002's “10 Seconds”, Jeffrey "Jel" Logan created a long-playing ode to his first real love, the SP-1200 sampler, composed entirely of hand-picked snippets from over three decades of hip-hop. “Soft Money” takes the same meticulous approach but expands it both literally and conceptually.

1. To Buy a Car (2:55)
2. All Day Breakfast (4:18)
3. No Solution (3:37)
4. All Around (3:21)
5. Thrashin (4:03)
6. Sweet Cream in It (2:16)
7. Soft Money, Dry Bones (3:39)
8. Know You Don't (3:34)
9. WMD (4:36)
10. Mislead (1:56)
11. Nice Last (4:25)
12. Chipmunk Technique (1:36)
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