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KARANTEENI : ADHD / Rantarokki

7": 5 €  (Sold out)
Feelgood punkrock anthem of the summer!
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(Sold out)
10 €
A supergroup (feat. members from Wasted, Hero Dishonest and Manifesto Jukebox) of finnish punk playing keyboard-flavored rockin' and melodic streetpunk that is not entirely different from Wasted. Except for the keyboards, obviously. For fans of Social D. and such.
(Sold out)
3,50 €
Instrumental voodoo blues from Finland
(Sold out)
3 €
Finnish old school hardcore.
(Sold out)
5 €
Stargazing ethereal and shamelessly honest pop-music with plenty of ass-shaking but even more tear-jerking. Only pop-music can break your heart!

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