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KAUCAS : Saastaa suusta

Label: BV2
KAUCAS : Saastaa suusta
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cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Original finnish hiphop with its roots deep in indie- / avantgarde-culture. Good shit.

Released: 2003
1. Kaikki kaukana (7:01)
2. Uhrit (4:20)
3. Sinä (5:42)
4. 4/4 (4:15)
5. Palaneen käry (3:10)
6. Negatiivi (4:01)
7. Siipirikko (4:05)
8. Kuona (6:10)
9. Kyyt (3:33)
10. Varjot (17:38)
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Dark as Satan's underpants and overwhelming in a way that leaves you gasping for air. Tragedy can't and shouldn't take the blame for the fact that copying their sound became one of the most annoying punk trends after dressing up like Dennis from the Refused as they are still fucking amazing.
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The sonic equivalent of a serious case of delirium tremens that quite simply rocks the fucking shirts off all of you sad wankers out there. This shit is the real thing: 80's underground indie-rock influences madness that owes a lot to Big Black, Rapeman, Deep Turtle, Charles Bukowski and the god of alcohol (not to mention terrible hang-overs).
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Kaucas' DJ/producer takes Finland's instrumental beats thang to the next level, y'know? These ghosts ("kummitus") play most anything from cellos to electronics, mostly unbeknownst to each other, after which Kontackto chops everything up into some seriously twisted beats AND some beautifully dark trip-hoppy melodies.
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Stargazing ethereal and shamelessly honest pop-music with plenty of ass-shaking but even more tear-jerking. Only pop-music can break your heart!

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