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KEUHKOT : Toimintatapoja olioille

Label: Ektro
KEUHKOT : Toimintatapoja olioille
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cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
You've never, ever heard anything like Keuhkot, the one-man, multi-mediafunhouse commandeered by Kake Puhuu from his home in the forests of Pomarkku, Finland. This national treasure has been active since the late'80s, when began setting his bizarre, ranting vocals to Middle Eastern exotica, synthetic carnival melodies, and squawky no-wave guitar. His fifthalbum, Toimintatapoja Olioille ("methods to objects"), is a somewhatmellower but no less arresting statement about the perils of technology-a perfect opportunity for fans of Avarus, Lau Nau and Kemialliset Ystävät to discover the demented forefather of Finnish freak-folk!

1. Presentaatio Raumanjuovassa (2:33)
2. Ilmastonmuutos (3:47)
3. Peshawar - Kandahar - Espoo - Köbenhamn (3:26)
4. Muistikortti (6:43)
5. Seuraan leijonaa (2:35)
6. Yhteiselle taipaleelle (4:08)
7. Amir kätkee aseet nopeimmin (2:09)
8. Kääntäkää kivetkin (2:52)
9. Vastuu (2:03)
10. Hiljainen hetki uhrien muistolle (1:13)
11. EVA (3:20)
12. Datametsä (2:59)
13. Takaisin Raumanjuopaan (2:31)

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