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KITES : Hallucination Gullotine / Final Worship

Label: Load
KITES : Hallucination Gullotine / Final Worship KITES
lp: 17 €  (Sold out)
"While definitely part of the contemporary American noise scene, KITES (Chris Forgues) blends percussive chug and homemade sine wave generation into a dynamic somewhere in between early 80’s electro schoolyard loiterers THROBBING GRISTLE and Sheffield’s CABARET VOLTAIRE."

Released: 2008
1) Hallucination Guillotine
2) Glitter Raider in the Hall of Triumph
3) Pink Shadows
4) Trespass
5) Nice Garden / Lady’s Compact
6) Army Corpse / Superman 2
7) Cool People
8) Poison Blur
9) Flicker Boosters
10) Final Worship

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