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KUKKA, SAMI : Kuolema tekee tuloaan

KUKKA, SAMI : Kuolema tekee tuloaan KUKKA, SAMI
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
His third album, Kuolema tekee tuloaan (Death on the way), returns to the same quiet atmosphere and the lyrics reach out to envelop the listener. He performs his music alone or in sparse arrangements collaborating with soul mates from the younger generation of Finnish folk: Joose Keskitalo, Paavoharju, and the indie label Helmilevyt.

This album was recorded during the month of May in a Finnish lakeside cottage. The nearby farms no longer had any cows, but the sauna was heated more often than not.

Released: 28.2.2007
1. Pimeässä huoneessa (2:40)
2. Varjo pitenee (2:44)
3. Uimaan (2:56)
4. Intian tuuli (5:10)
5. Se ei enää pysäytä (1:54)
6. Voitko hyväksyä sen (1:02)
7. Kun talvi tuli (2:33)
8. Turvassa (3:40)
9. Tuulen työtä (2:18)
10. Jos vaan osaisin katsoa (2:56)
11. Yöstä kotiin (3:27)
12. Sinulta vain (3:45)
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