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LANEGAN, MARK : Whiskey For The Holy Ghost

Label: Sub Pop
LANEGAN, MARK : Whiskey For The Holy Ghost LANEGAN, MARK
cd: 9,50 €  (Sold out)
Acoustic and laid-back blues that sound like Nick Cave playing acoustically with Alice In Chains. In a really good way, though.

Released: 08.01.1994
1. The River Rise (4:30)
2. Borracho (5:41)
3. House a Home (3:06)
4. Kingdoms of Rain (3:23)
5. Carnival (3:40)
6. Riding the Nightingale (6:17)
7. El Sol (3:42)
8. Dead on You (3:10)
9. Shooting Gallery (3:32)
10. Sunrise (2:56)
11. Pendulum (2:12)
12. Judas Touch (1:37)
13. Beggar's Blues (5:36)

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