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LAPKO : Scandal

Label: Fullsteam
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
A harder hitting version of Placebo.

Review in Finnish at 4/5 points
Review in Finnish at 5/5 points
Review in Finnish at 5/5 points

Released: 2006
1. A Month Among The Years 1:44
2. The Arms 4:48
3. Pistol In A Way 3:12
4. All The Best Girls 3:50
5. Fire Horses 3:24
6. Scandal 3:33
7. Date With Time 2:00
8. Barrel Of The Past 3:02
9. My Cry Works 4:27
10. Panda Eyes 4:31
11. The Passers By 4:35
12. End Of The Month 3:02
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