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LAST POETS : Last Poets

lp: 15,50 €  (Sold out)
Seriously important and impressive stuff as far as political and musical history goes! Black Panther poetry read in a highly rhytmical way with percussive backing. Sound familiar? Well, this record pre-dates all hiphop by aa full decade!

Released: 1970
1. Run Nigger (1:13)
2. On the Subway (1:33)
3. Niggers Are Scared of Revolution (5:16)
4. Black Thighs (1:30)
5. Gashman (2:44)
6. Wake Up Niggers (2:46)
7. New York, New York (3:33)
8. Jones Comin' Down (2:50)
9. When the Revolution Comes (2:29)
10. Black Wish (1:33)
11. Just Because (1:46)
12. Two Little Boys (1:50)
13. Surprises (2:06)

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