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LAU NAU : Nukkuu

Label: Fonal
cd: 13 €  (Sold out)
Nukkuu (Finnish for Sleeps) is the long awaited sophomore album by celebrated Finnish femme folk fave Lau Nau. Nukkuu is psychedelic, abstract & emotionally captivating. Nukkuu is an album of changes. In the years since her debut album Kuutarha, Laura became a mother, moved to the Finnish countryside and took valuable time to carve out a space for her enchanted art in the new found tranquility of her remote surroundings. Conceived in tight attics & vacant dens on off hours when her young son Nuutti was fast asleep, this is an intimately crafted 9 song collection that unfolds like dreamlike musical ribbons for the senses and delivers the listener to a place of unhurried contentedness.

Format: CD
Total lenght: 41 minutes
Catalogue Number: FR-56
Released: 14.5.2008

1. Lue kartalta
2. Painovoimaa, valoa
3. Ruususuu
4. Rubiinilasia
5. Lähtölaulu
6. Maapähkinäpuu
7. Mooste
8. Jouhet
9. Vuoren laelle

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