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LAUHKEAT LAMPAAT : Taikaa takataskussa

Label: Peippo
cd: 16 €  (Sold out)
Duo of Antti Tolvi and Jaakko Tolvi. Free improvisation spiced with hobo life.

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Benway is Arttu Tolonen (Black Audio, Giant Robot / Räbät, Fat Beat Sound System) + Teemu Korpipää (Hotguitars, JS666, sound engineer for eg Circle), makin' all sorts of freaky loops and sounds.
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Noiserock from Helsinki
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The Cakekitchen are a New Zealand indie legend. They present "Honeypod in My Head", catchy indie-pop stuff with piano.

Dairy High are from Moscow. "Evil Lullaby" is a good dream-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock/whatever song.
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Psychedelic country, blues and folk with a kraut flavor!
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