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LEINONEN, VILLE : Suudelmitar

Label: Fonal
lp: 14 €  (Sold out)
"This is a musical journey to the shores of imagined inner lands and to the forests of hopes and dreams. These songs represent the picture of continents that I’ve not visited yet. From the northern Scandinavia I include here some moments of beauty of my country, the nature, cities and villages."

Released: 5.12.2007
1. Suudelmitar
2. Taiwanin kuut
3. Dans ma cabane
4. Hiljaa ui Malawée
5. Lumiaurojen laulu

6. Wien
7. Kaikki tuulet
8. Lentosuudelmat
9. Luunvalkoiset purjeet
10. Kiitoslaulu

Format: LP (180gr)
Total lenght: 47 minutes

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